Hygienic service

The assistant proceeds with the preliminary cleaning of all surfaces to be treated with the removal of dust and surface dirt and dusting with a damp cloth, the floor is used with the Mop. Manual sanitization of all points of contact with the disinfectant Citrosil product - Surgical Medical Device - Reg. 20091 Min. Of Health as described below:

• floor tiles

• sink

• taps

• toilet axis

• toilet brush

• handle

• light points

• hangers

• hairdryer

• accessories and dispensers of hygienic material

At the end of the manual cleaning, the sanitizing product is sprayed on the floor. Finally, the final cleaning agent puts an effervescent chlorine tablet with high sanitizing power in the toilet and in any drains


The activity is carried out with the manual sanitization of all points of contact with the surface disinfectant Citrosil product - Medical and Surgical Presidium - Reg. 20091 Min. Of Health. as described below:

• light points

• remote control (TV / air conditioning)

• doors

• handles

• cabinets (internal / external)

• bedside tables and drawers (internal / external)

• mini bar

• bed structure

• clothes hangers

• electrical cabinet

• glass and fixtures

• radiator

At the end of the cleaning, the floor is cleaned with the sanitizing product Citrosil disinfectant for floors - Medical Surgery - Reg. 20092 Min. Of Health and Citrosil Spray Reg. 19421 Min. Of Health on all surfaces, chairs, desks and curtains . Finally, sanitizing the basket and changing the bag.